The Adobe Horno de LeņaThe Adobe Horno de Leņa

Wood burning stoves and ovens have been in use for centuries in all countries.  In Mexico these are called "horno de leņa", which would translate to oven of firewood, or firewood furnace.

horno1.jpg (137663 bytes)Many of the hornos in Mexico are made of adobe.  They ranged from small ones that a household or restaurant would use on up to large ones the size of a small house that were for more commercial use.

These simple ovens have many uses, including baking of bread and other foods, and firing clay.

Klaus Duebbert and a group of helpers put together a traditional Adobe Horno de Leņa.  It was a fun, and educational, historical activity that showed a defining part of the industry and social sciences of early America.

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horno5.jpg (138060 bytes)

Adobe making events are regularly held at the Jurupa Mountains Cultural Center, a not for profit Family Oriented Learning Facility featuring FUN Programs in Archaeology, Geology, Paleontology, and Earth Sciences.

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